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As a technology-focused startup studio, we understand how difficult it is for an early-stage startup to find good investors, even with a solid technical product. At the same time, investors cannot find quality seed investment opportunities of tech startups that have the opportunity to change the world. At CodeVentures, one of our key objectives is to connect promising startups with investors keen on finding industry-disrupting ideas for seed funding.

We have a portfolio of startups that are either close to development or have already developed the product and are going to market. Typically, these companies want to raise $50K to $150K for operations, marketing, and sales activities. Our team of experts has rigorously vetted each of these startups, saving you time and effort in shortlisting the best ones.

We invite you to signup as an investor with CodeVentures. When new startups are ready to go to market, we will connect you to the founders of individual startups. You deal directly with the startups that meet your investment criteria. If you want to join our Investor Network, we invite you to complete the following form.